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About Us

Learn More About Giniko

Welcome to Giniko

Watch Free TV Online From Around the World

Giniko provides a selection of the best TV channels from around the world. Giniko lets you watch live sports, news, entertainment and more from any device, including PC/Mac, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Google TV.

By capturing over-the-air TV channels from locations around the world and re-streaming them in full quality, Giniko has become the premier destination for free live TV on the internet. We are not a content provider ourselves, but provide free access to publicly-available satellite channels to viewers who want to consume a diverse array of content on internet-connected devices.

Watch on Any Device

Giniko streams to Google TV and Android IPTV devices, so you can enjoy free TV from around the world from the comfort of your living room! On the go? Don't worry, you can watch all of our streams and on-demand videos with any mobile device web browser. You can also download our Android app from the Google Play store.

Download GINIKO+ With DVR Android/Google TV Apps
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Download FREE GINIKO Android/Google TV Apps
   |    Learn How to Install to: GoogleTV & Android    |     Buy GoogleTV/Android IPTV

DVR Functionality for Every Stream

Every stream on Giniko comes with a DVR system that automatically records a channel and makes 3 days of past content available as on-demand video files. Just navigate to the day of the program you want to watch and select the time it ran (you might have to do some time zone conversion). On-demand TV shows, sports broadcasts, and news from around the world are all at your fingertips with Giniko.

Continuously Adding New TV Channels

We work tirelessly to improve our service and add new channels. You can help us out by reporting streams that won't load and links that go nowhere. We would also love to hear from you about what kind of features you'd like to see or what channels you think we should add.

If you would like to report a dead link or suggest a channel to be listed on our page, click here to contact us.

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